Principal Speech

Education makes man great. Education works as a supporting force for better quality of life of people. An educated nation means a strong nation. Education is one of the basic human rights. Other basic rights like food, clothing, shelter, medical care are all related to proper education. Bangladesh is a developing country. However, this country has a lot of resources, one of which is human resources. Sixteen million people live in Bangladesh. If we can convert this huge population into manpower, then the people of this country will not suffer. Therefore, keeping this great aim and goal in mind, it is our promise to shine the light of real education on our youth and make them a beautiful place in the social life. Our only goal is to improve the quality of life of students to develop a healthy body and mind, to achieve economic prosperity of the country and the nation. Greenhill State College has been working tirelessly since its establishment in 2010 with some dedicated management and teachers to fulfill these goals, ideals and objectives. Today this educational institution has gained a lot of reputation and has been established due to the sincere efforts of students, teachers and parents with the overall cooperation of all. We wish all the best wishes and prayers for this educational institution. Best wishes to all.

Professor Prashant Kumar Saha


Greenhill State College